Vows of Atlas

I began writing this poem in 2005 and completed it in 2006.  It is the single most important piece to me personally for it was the inspiration for the wedding vows I wrote when I married my wife, Sadeana, in 2009.

Vows of Atlas

I, Atlas, Son of God and man of Earth, ask thee Olympia, Daughter of God and woman of Earth, to be my best friend, my greatest lover, and my eternal soul mate.

As a testament of my love, I do pledge these solemn promises:

To love this woman as she desires to be loved, by day, by night, awake, asleep.

To stand behind this woman when it is her time to shine; to stand beside this woman when she needs support; to carry this woman upon my shoulders when she is void of strength.

To honor this woman with honesty, loyalty, and respect with every word I speak, every action I take, and every thought I produce both in and out of her presence.

To place this woman’s happiness, health, and well-being before my own, and to here fore dedicate my life to serving her needs and protecting her.

To build a life together with this woman; a life that is meant not to replace the individual lives we have lived and will continue to acknowledge, but rather to compliment and enhance them.

To pursue spiritual understanding of this woman; to respect her beliefs and gain insight into her soul.

To look upon no other woman with lust or entertain by thought or by action a notion of physical intimacy with another woman.

It is with these sworn promises that I request the hand of Olympia to be my wife today, tomorrow, and each day thereafter that I am blessed to be breathing and loved by her.


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