The Morning After

The Morning After

Where is thy “Romeo” who lay next to me last night,

Who promised me romance, the stars, and the sky?

Who looked into my eyes as Adam did to Eve,

And whispered into my ear the words “I Love Thee”.

“Together forever” he said, or something like that,

So why has he left like a shameless stray cat?

Did he get what he wanted, was I simply a prize,

To be won and discarded into a closet full of lies?

This is not the first time, but it will be the last,

That I’m used for my body, then thrown away like trash.

I give up on love, on men, and on life,

I take to my final bath, my grief and my knife.

Is it the best solution, no, I’m sure that it’s not,

But I’m done being the woman that love hath forgot.


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