Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels

Verse I

Woke up this mornin’ listenin’ to the radio

DJ playin’ somethin’ started movin’ my soul

My body got to shakin’ I was losin’ control

I can’t believe I’m sayin’ this I think I’m in love

Chorus I

I got a smile on my face, that no bad day can erase,

And I even stop to smell the flowers

You got me thinkin’ more and more,

That I know what lips are for,

When you kiss on me for hours and hours

Yeah my heart it’s a racin’, and my body keeps tracin’,

Over every little thing you do

Think it’s time I admit, there ain’t no denyin’ it,

I’m fallin’ head over heels over you 

Verse II

Took you to dinner on a Saturday night

But you wasn’t really hungry so we headed for the lights

Of a neon-flashin’, honkey tonkin’ hell of a time

That damned ol’ love bug bit me now I want you to be mine

Chorus II

Well, I’m wishin’ on the stars,

Read about us men from Mars,

And I threw away my little black book

Yeah I’m puttin’ down the seat,

And I’m keepin’ my car neat,

And I’ve even started learnin’ how to cook

Well I know this might sound crazy,

But your friends don’t even phase me,

When they laugh at me like I’m no good

It’s time I roll the dice,

I might even tell you twice,

I’m fallin’ head over heels over you


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