Lucifer’s Lullaby

Lucifer's Lullaby

Hush my dear and don’t say a word;

I’ve read all your thoughts, the taboo and absurd.

You’re a play thing of lust, a slave to addiction;

And I know all you seek is a fix laced with fiction.


Deny if you will, but your eyes tell it all;

When obsession takes over it’s me that you’ll call.

And I will deliver, this thing that you need;

Without judgment or guilt will I give unto thee.


And your gift will come sealed with a smile and a kiss;

In exchange for an item you won’t even miss.

After all what’s a soul when compared to the feel;

Of the pleasure you’ll get as a part of our deal.


So bring on the cure to your forbidden ache;

Let sin be the path of which you shall take.

The fruit you desire is yours if you wish;

All I need is your signature in return for such bliss.


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