I Want a Little Horror (Song Lyrics)

I Want a Little Horror

“God rest her soul” says the Priest as he hands over a plain, white urn to a man in his mid 30’s.  The man returns home and places the urn in front of a shrine that features pictures of his dead wife along with several candles and ceremonious objects.  He then proceeds to perform a ritual to bring his wife back to life (think Big Bad Voodoo Daddy meets Rob Zombie)…

Verse I

What’s that I see creepin’ in the dark, Paranormal beauty pulling at my heart
Am I in danger or am in love, My knees are shaking but my head says go on
And so I
Step forward with lust in my eyes, My gaze fluctuating from your face to your thighs
I can’t help but think you’ll be the death of me, But I don’t care just take me


I want a little horror, In my life
A slice of danger you can cut with a knife
Give it to me raw
On a dark, scary night
Cause I need a little horror in my life

Verse II

I follow you here, I follow you there, You keep on disappearing leavin’ me in despair
This obsession of mine, it’s out of control, And it’s cutting me straight to the bone

Chorus – Repeat

Verse III

Last night I woke up in bed, Could have sworn something was breathing on my neck
There wasn’t a ghoul or goblin in sight, When suddenly you appeared by my side

And now I’ve got a little horror, In my life
A ghostly vixen who haunts me at night
Oh, I’ve given up my sleep, And even my soul
To get a little horror I want you to know
That I’d
Slit my wrists and let them bleed
Torch my body doused in gasoline
Hang myself off an old wood chair
Just to keep you near

Cause’ I want a little horror
I need a little horror
I’ve got to have some horror
I want a little horror in my life!


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