“Hallows End”: First Look with Author Leo Craven

Sarah Chase in Hallows End

With “Hallows End” slated for release on Friday the 13th this December, I wanted to take a few minutes and give some background as to what my new book is all about.

What kind of book is “Hallows End”?

It’s an Action-Adventure / Fantasy based in modern day about a vigilante police detective, Sarah Chase, who finds herself thrown into a world where myth and legend become her reality.  Sarah has spent the past couple of years hunting vampires and werewolves, which one night, leads her to the mysterious town of Hallows End.

Is this just another book about vampires & werewolves?

Where “Hallows End” differentiates itself from much of today’s popular literary themes is the broad inclusion of many supernatural and mythological elements (not just vampires and werewolves).  I’ve also tried to employ a more ‘adult’ writing style in hopes of catering not only to the more mature reader, but also to the readers of “Twilight” and other popular YA fanfare that are ready for material that’s a little more ‘grown up’.

So, is there sex and violence in “Hallows End”?

To a degree; those that are familiar with some of my past work know that I like to dabble in the horror genre and that I have, on occasion, crossed into the world of ‘taboo’.  While “Hallows End” definitely has some edgier moments, the amount of ‘adult content’ is still limited; in movie terms, I’d say it walks the line of “PG-13” and “R”.

Is this a ‘stand-alone’ book or part of a series?

“Hallows End” is part one of a trilogy that will revolve around our heroine, Sarah Chase.  While the first book primarily takes place in Hallows End, the remaining two books will follow Sarah into the heart of an ancient struggle between humans and ‘immortals’, the outcome of which will determine the fate of the world.

Who is the inspiration for Sarah Chase?

Jane Fonda’s character in “Barbarella” and Linda Carter’s “Wonder Woman” were my first inspirations to write a female heroine.  However, I’d say Kate Beckinsale’s character, Selene in the “Underworld” franchise was the catalyst to my creating Sarah Chase.  Having a heroine who was confident in her sexuality was a must in the style of book I wanted to write, but even more importantly, I needed a character that was tough enough to carry the fate of the world on her shoulders.

What is the #1 reason someone should read your book?

My intent with the Sarah Chase series is to entertain you while also introducing an entirely new version of the world that offers an alternate take on some of our greatest legends.  I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a traditional writer; instead, I prefer to think of myself as a ‘story teller’.  Everything I write plays out like a movie in my mind before I place a single word on paper.

How can I buy the book?

“Hallows End” will be initially released in e-book format on the Amazon Kindle, and will also be available by print-on-demand through Amazon.  Early next year there will be a limited print run, with each book numbered individually and signed, but distribution of those is still to be determined.


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