“Hallows End” Available on Paperback!

Hallows End - A Sarah Chase Novel

For those of you who prefer the ‘feel’ of a book in your hands over a tablet or e-reader, Hallows End is now available on paperback at Amazon.com! 

In the mysterious town of Hallows End, a vigilante police detective, Sarah Chase, finds herself immersed in a world where myth and legend are reality.  As Sarah discovers the secrets of the town and its residents, she also learns of her family’s ties to an ancient prophecy that could soon determine the fate of all humans and “immortals”.  A suspenseful thrill-ride that builds toward a shocking climax, the first book of the “Prophecy Trilogy” will leave the reader eagerly anticipating Sarah Chase’s next adventure.

Current Reviews on Amazon:

“A marvelous story of good versus evil with a great mix of paranormal and mystery.”

“A wonderful read with vivid characters in a mystical world.”

“Can’t wait for the next one!”

Click here to view “Hallows End” on Amazon.com.

Hallows End is also available on Amazon Kindle (learn more about the Kindle app here) AND is available to borrow for FREE on any Kindle device if you are an Amazon Prime member.


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