You Suck the Life Out of Me (Song Lyrics)

You Suck the Life Out of Me

This is the third song (lyrics only) on my “These are a Few of My Scariest Things” album. Two more songs to go.

Verse I

You move
Swiftly in the Night
Seeking your first bite
Spreading this fright

All over me
I’m down on my knees
Begging you please
You’re such a tease

Cuz you thrill me
Tempt me
Seduce me
I can’t see straight

I’m on fire
The one thing
That you won’t give

And I can’t take it anymore I’ve gotta retreat
But you’ve got a hold of me and won’t let me leave
My body keeps on aching while you’re taking everything that you please

You suck the life right out of me

Verse II

You claim
Whatever you want
Whenever you like
I think this just might

Be the end
Of all I have known
And all that I’ll be
Baby can’t you see

That I’m dying
Lying here
With nothing left

While you devour
My every hour
The sands of time
Are flying by

And every time that I escape you pull me right back
You play the part of predator and I’m just your snack
You bind me with your magic touch and make me feel like I’m going to scream

You suck the life right out of me


Forget about the monsters that hide in the night
The scariest of all of them stays out in plain sight
She’ll cast her spell by telling you the things you want to hear
But soon enough your lust turns to fear

Verse III

Oh you steal
(Bit by bit)
Make me feel
(From tip to tip)
Like I’m your last meal
(Drip by drip)
What the hell is your deal
(Losing my grip)

Oh lady
I’m going crazy
No one can save me
From this love so deadly

So I guess I’ll just give in to your twisted fantasies
You suck the life right out of me


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