The Cemetery Swing (Song Lyrics)

The Cemetery Swing Song Lyrics

This is the fourth song / set of lyrics for my “These are a Few of My Scariest Things” album. Musical style for this one is along the lines of the Stray Cats, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

Verse I

It was Halloween night in sleepy town USA
Kids were asleep and the babysitter on her way
As soon as she arrived, My baby and I
Took to the street for a midnight drive
Rolled the top down, music loud, singing jump jive and wail

Verse II

Well it wasn’t long ‘fore we passed by the ol’ graveyard
Saw shadows grooving to the sounds of a steel guitar
We pulled off to the right, And witnessed the sight
Of a bunch of scary monsters getting down in the night
That’s when my baby turned to me and said it’s time to get a little wild

Verse III

Creature from the Black Lagoon was watching the gate
Looked us up and down and said “hey you two walk this way”
It wasn’t long, Band played a song
That got the whole crowd hopping and singing along
I pulled my baby close to me and we did the cemetery swing

Chorus I

We went swing, swing, swing
While the Wolfman jived
Elvira over in the corner
Getting down with Frankenstein
The whole place was shaking
While the band kept playing
The cemetery swing

Verse IV

Now it’s 3 AM and the party is winding down
Count’s taking a nap and the Mummy’s passed out on the ground
It was just about time, To say our goodbyes
When the Invisible man shouted “one more time”
My baby grabbed me by the arm and said let’s do the cemetery swing

Chorus II

We went swing, swing, swing
While the Bride of Frankie dipped
Bunch of zombie’s getting rowdy
In front of Dr. Jekyll’s crypt
We’re gonna keep on going
Till the sun starts showing
Spin the night away
Over empty graves
Stay on our feet
Dancing to the beat
Of the cemetery swing
The cemetery swing
The cemetery swing


2 thoughts on “The Cemetery Swing (Song Lyrics)

    • Not yet…now that I’ve got the four songs written, my next task is to record the first track (“I Want a Little Horror”); my wife bought me a few gadgets for recording so we’ll see how it goes;)

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