“Hallows End”: First Look with Author Leo Craven

Sarah Chase in Hallows End

With “Hallows End” slated for release on Friday the 13th this December, I wanted to take a few minutes and give some background as to what my new book is all about.

What kind of book is “Hallows End”?

It’s an Action-Adventure / Fantasy based in modern day about a vigilante police detective, Sarah Chase, who finds herself thrown into a world where myth and legend become her reality.  Sarah has spent the past couple of years hunting vampires and werewolves, which one night, leads her to the mysterious town of Hallows End.

Is this just another book about vampires & werewolves?

Where “Hallows End” differentiates itself from much of today’s popular literary themes is the broad inclusion of many supernatural and mythological elements (not just vampires and werewolves).  I’ve also tried to employ a more ‘adult’ writing style in hopes of catering not only to the more mature reader, but also to the readers of “Twilight” and other popular YA fanfare that are ready for material that’s a little more ‘grown up’.

So, is there sex and violence in “Hallows End”?

To a degree; those that are familiar with some of my past work know that I like to dabble in the horror genre and that I have, on occasion, crossed into the world of ‘taboo’.  While “Hallows End” definitely has some edgier moments, the amount of ‘adult content’ is still limited; in movie terms, I’d say it walks the line of “PG-13” and “R”.

Is this a ‘stand-alone’ book or part of a series?

“Hallows End” is part one of a trilogy that will revolve around our heroine, Sarah Chase.  While the first book primarily takes place in Hallows End, the remaining two books will follow Sarah into the heart of an ancient struggle between humans and ‘immortals’, the outcome of which will determine the fate of the world.

Who is the inspiration for Sarah Chase?

Jane Fonda’s character in “Barbarella” and Linda Carter’s “Wonder Woman” were my first inspirations to write a female heroine.  However, I’d say Kate Beckinsale’s character, Selene in the “Underworld” franchise was the catalyst to my creating Sarah Chase.  Having a heroine who was confident in her sexuality was a must in the style of book I wanted to write, but even more importantly, I needed a character that was tough enough to carry the fate of the world on her shoulders.

What is the #1 reason someone should read your book?

My intent with the Sarah Chase series is to entertain you while also introducing an entirely new version of the world that offers an alternate take on some of our greatest legends.  I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a traditional writer; instead, I prefer to think of myself as a ‘story teller’.  Everything I write plays out like a movie in my mind before I place a single word on paper.

How can I buy the book?

“Hallows End” will be initially released in e-book format on the Amazon Kindle, and will also be available by print-on-demand through Amazon.  Early next year there will be a limited print run, with each book numbered individually and signed, but distribution of those is still to be determined.

I Want a Little Horror (Song Lyrics)

I Want a Little Horror

“God rest her soul” says the Priest as he hands over a plain, white urn to a man in his mid 30’s.  The man returns home and places the urn in front of a shrine that features pictures of his dead wife along with several candles and ceremonious objects.  He then proceeds to perform a ritual to bring his wife back to life (think Big Bad Voodoo Daddy meets Rob Zombie)…

Verse I

What’s that I see creepin’ in the dark, Paranormal beauty pulling at my heart
Am I in danger or am in love, My knees are shaking but my head says go on
And so I
Step forward with lust in my eyes, My gaze fluctuating from your face to your thighs
I can’t help but think you’ll be the death of me, But I don’t care just take me


I want a little horror, In my life
A slice of danger you can cut with a knife
Give it to me raw
On a dark, scary night
Cause I need a little horror in my life

Verse II

I follow you here, I follow you there, You keep on disappearing leavin’ me in despair
This obsession of mine, it’s out of control, And it’s cutting me straight to the bone

Chorus – Repeat

Verse III

Last night I woke up in bed, Could have sworn something was breathing on my neck
There wasn’t a ghoul or goblin in sight, When suddenly you appeared by my side

And now I’ve got a little horror, In my life
A ghostly vixen who haunts me at night
Oh, I’ve given up my sleep, And even my soul
To get a little horror I want you to know
That I’d
Slit my wrists and let them bleed
Torch my body doused in gasoline
Hang myself off an old wood chair
Just to keep you near

Cause’ I want a little horror
I need a little horror
I’ve got to have some horror
I want a little horror in my life!

“Hallows End” Scheduled for Release on Friday the 13th this December!

Sarah Chase

I’m excited to announce that after a year’s worth of research, posting chapter drafts on my website and several re-writes, I will be releasing my first book “Hallows End” on December 13, 2013.  The initial release will be in e-book format, available exclusively through Amazon.

This first book follows police detective and vigilante ‘slayer’ Sarah Chase as she discovers the secrets of Hallows End, a small town filled with vampires, werewolves, goddesses and other legendary & mythical creatures.  “Hallows End” is the first book of the Sarah Chase trilogy, as well as the foundation for another series of books I have planned that will revolve around the town of Hallows End itself.

If you haven’t visited my website yet, please check it out at www.leocraven.com.

Lucifer’s Lullaby

Lucifer's Lullaby

Hush my dear and don’t say a word;

I’ve read all your thoughts, the taboo and absurd.

You’re a play thing of lust, a slave to addiction;

And I know all you seek is a fix laced with fiction.


Deny if you will, but your eyes tell it all;

When obsession takes over it’s me that you’ll call.

And I will deliver, this thing that you need;

Without judgment or guilt will I give unto thee.


And your gift will come sealed with a smile and a kiss;

In exchange for an item you won’t even miss.

After all what’s a soul when compared to the feel;

Of the pleasure you’ll get as a part of our deal.


So bring on the cure to your forbidden ache;

Let sin be the path of which you shall take.

The fruit you desire is yours if you wish;

All I need is your signature in return for such bliss.

Tales of Terror: “Let’s Play a Game”

Let's Play a Game

“Kara, this place is awesome!” Jill exclaimed as we walked into ‘Anastasia’s’, a small costume & new age gifts store.  Most of our friends were going to the big Halloween store in the mall to pick up their costumes for the weekend’s upcoming festivities, but I preferred a smaller venue with more authentic items to choose from.  Besides, Michael worked here and I knew Jill had a crush on him.

The costumes were displayed on the main wall in the middle of the store with the more conventional items like tarot cards and witchcraft books in the front, and the more adult-oriented items in the back.  Jill immediately grabbed a gypsy costume and headed for the dressing room.  I wasn’t in quite as much of a hurry as I preferred to savor the ‘costume selection’ process by taking the time to look at each outfit and accessory.  Besides, Jill was sort of high maintenance and I knew she’d need my undivided attention while she tried things on.

“What do you think?” Jill asked me as she came out sporting a purple, pink and turquoise dress that looked two sizes too small for her.  Her hemline looked like it was barely covering her ass and her boobs were spilling out of the top with her long blonde curls resting upon them.  I admit I was a little jealous that I was not as blessed in the boobs department, but at least it kept most of the creeps at school from taking an interest in me.

“Looks good Jill.” Michael said as he walked past her with a couple of masks in his hands.  Normally it would have been odd for a high school football player to be working at a store like Anastasia’s, but in this case Michael’s aunt owned the store.  He was staring so hard at Jill I was surprised he didn’t run into the sales counter as he walked by it.  I was actually not a fan of Michael, but he was athletic and had that whole ‘tall, dark & handsome’ thing going so it was easy to understand why Jill fawned over him.

I could see by Jill’s reaction to Michael that my opinion was no longer needed.  She moved on to searching through the accessories while I headed to the dressing room to try my first attempt at costume bliss.  As I closed the door I could hear a couple of girls giggling from the back room.  I rolled my eyes, mocking their immaturity. “It vibrates too.”  I shouted out, feeling quit clever about myself.

When I came out of the dressing room I looked for Jill to give me the thumbs up or down on the long, red and black Victorian style dress I was wearing, but she was standing over next to the masks flirting with Michael.  I stared at the mirror, somewhat annoyed that my girlfriend had abandoned me, and tried to decide if I should dye my brown hair black for Halloween.  While in the midst of my mental contemplation, I noticed a guy wearing all black enter the store carrying a large duffel bag.

The guy was about our age, extremely clean-cut with perfectly combed, dishwater blonde hair and steely grey eyes.  He walked straight up to the counter, let his duffel bag fall with a ‘thud’ and then waited impatiently for someone to assist him.  Michael said something to Jill that made her laugh, probably mocking the ‘guy in black’, and then walked over to the counter where he was standing.

“Uh dude, I’m sorry but we don’t allow duffel bags or back packs in the store.” Michael’s tone was slightly condescending, probably because this guy had taken him away from his ‘flirt-fest’ with Jill.

The guy in black gave Michael a very confused look. “I, I’m sorry do you think I’m going to steal something?  Is there some law that precludes me from carrying my personal things with me?  Perhaps I’m not allowed to purchase any additional items, either?” Michael wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Dude, I’m so messing with you right now.  My name’s Eric.”  Eric chuckled while he extended his hand out to shake Michael’s.  “I’ve got something I want to show you.”  Eric bent down, unzipped his bag and rose back up with a gun in his right hand.  Michael quickly backed away from the counter and raised his arms half way in front of his chest.  He was about to say something when Eric cut him off.

“Before you speak, don’t.”  Eric leaned forward, pushing the gun even closer to Michael’s face.  “Here’s what’s going to happen everyone.”  Eric’s voice got louder so that all of us in the store could hear him. “First of all, don’t bother trying to leave out the emergency exit in the back because I already locked it from the outside.  Second, I know there are exactly five of you in here so will the two little sluts in the back please come out front before I put a bullet in this guy’s brain.  Same thing happens if anyone uses their cell phone!”

The two girls immediately came out from the back room and joined us.  One was a tall, African-American girl that looked anorexic (probably wanted to be a model) and the other girl, a ‘ginger’, was on the short side with a couple extra curves.  I recognized both of them from our high school, though I couldn’t remember their names.  Honestly, unless they were a close friend or someone on the cheer squad with Jill, I didn’t really attempt to remember anyone’s name, especially if they weren’t in our senior class.

“Wow.” Eric grinned maniacally. “That was fast.  Guess no one wants to see you get hurt.” He said looking at Michael.  Eric confiscated all of our phones, checking them first to see if anyone had tried calling or texting (which no one had dared to), and then ordered the four of us girls to get into the dressing room.  Jill appeared terrified so I held her hand, trying to calm her.  The other two girls were even worse off, both crying profusely and in hysterics.

“You guys need to get it under control or you’re going to get us all killed.” I told them, keeping the volume of my voice low so that Eric wouldn’t hear me.  I understood they were scared and upset, but acting like a bunch of sissies wasn’t going to help the situation.  I had just managed to get everyone quieted down when I heard Eric walking back towards the dressing room.

“Okay ladies!” Eric opened the door with feverish gusto. “Our game is about to begin.” Eric was acting the part of some creepy game show host as he motioned for us to get out of the dressing room with a wave of his gun.  The store was much darker now that Eric had drawn the blinds and covered the glass door entrance with a long, black sheet.  Michael was sitting on a chair in the middle of the floor, tied up and gagged, with a candle placed about three feet away from him on all four sides.

“This evening you will all be part of a new and wonderfully terrifying reality game show.” Eric oozed an excessive amount of sick enthusiasm as he pointed to the webcams he had set up throughout the store.  In addition to the webcams, he was using a small hand-held camera to narrate with.  “First of all, each of you is required to wear a costume for this game.  What are your names?” Eric pointed his gun in Jill’s and my direction.  I immediately responded to him with both of our names as Jill went speechless from fear.

“Well, Jill and Kara, since you’re already in costume, please take opposite sides from Michael and have a seat.  Eric then pointed to the other two girls, “You sluts! Take off your pedestrian clothes; all of them; and put these on.” Eric flashed a perverse grin as he threw a ‘Queen of Hearts’ and ‘Geisha’ costume down in front of them.

“If either of you protest my request, boy toy here will pay the penalty.”  Eric placed his gun in his waist band and pulled out a rather large knife that looked like something out of a bad sci-fi movie.  The blade was curved and serrated with a dragon etched into the handle.  He then walked towards Michael and made a small cut in Michael’s forearm. “Just to make sure you bitches believe me.” Eric snarled.

Eric watched intently as the two girls stripped down to nothing.  The slighter built girl grabbed the Queen of Hearts outfit which consisted of a form-fitting black dress with red hearts.  She cried and trembled as she pulled it up over her naked body.  The other girl bent down to pick up the bright blue and black Geisha robe, and slipped it on over her exposed flesh.

“Take your spots around the chair.” Eric commanded.  He looked at the four of us in a circle surrounding Michael and appeared very proud of his handy work. “You all look quite lovely.” He said in an uber-creepy way.  He then instructed us to pick up our candles and walk around Michael while he began playing freaky Halloween tracks on an iPod.

After we had been walking for what seemed like forever, I decided to break the silence.  “So, judging by the webcams you’ve placed all over, I’m guessing you’re a delusional, sexually frustrated freak who’s watched a little too much torture-porn.  Am I right?” I’m sure the other girls thought I was crazy for provoking Eric, but I had a method to my madness.

“Fuck you bitch!” Eric shouted in a rage as he made his way back into the circle and slashed away at Michael’s other forearm, this time making a much bigger cut.  Michael screamed out in pain through his gag, but I knew he was as good as dead anyway and I was focused on saving Jill and me.

“Listen psycho, why don’t you just get to the point?” My chest was puffed out like some football player with too much testosterone.  Everyone had stopped walking and was watching the scene between Eric and me.  Eric threw down the knife, grabbed his gun and pushed the barrel of it against Michael’s skull.

“You know what,” Eric said, completely unhinged, “if you want the game to go faster then let’s make it happen!”  He then turned around and pointed the gun at the girl dressed as a Geisha. “Pick up the knife and kill him!” Eric commanded.  The girl froze in terror and looked at me as though I would have an answer for her as to what she should do next.

“Sorry, sorry I forgot to explain the rules.” Eric laughed as he scratched the side of his head anxiously with the barrel of his gun.  “The name of the game is ‘Kill or Be Killed’.  You see, ‘Memoires of a Geisha’ can either kill the boy in the chair with the knife or I’ll shoot her in the head with my gun.  If she kills him then she’ll take his place in the chair and the choice to ‘kill or be killed’ will pass on to the next.  One of you lucky kids will get to go free tonight and the rest of you…well, at least you all get to be stars in my show, right?”

“Let me go first.” I said as I began walking towards the knife.

“You’re going last!” He shouted back “Now step back or I’ll just shoot everyone right now.” I had definitely succeeded in throwing Eric off his ‘flow’, which was exactly my intent.  However, before I could make my next move, I was going to have to wait until he was distracted.  I stepped back into the circle so that Eric could once again focus on the Geisha.

“You have ten seconds to make your choice dear; starting…now.”  Eric began to count down from ten while the girl just stood there, scared and crying.  There was no way she had it in her to kill Michael.  The lower the numbers got the more hysterical the young girl became, but she never even made an attempt to pick up the knife. “One” Eric said calmly.  I closed my eyes and heard the gun fire a single bullet.  Jill and the girl dressed as the queen of hearts screamed.

“Shut the fuck up, both of you, or we’ll just skip right to me blowing each of your brains out!”  Eric was yelling at them and shaking his gun in the air.  The dead girl’s brains had projected all over the front counter, leaving a horrific mess of gore and shattered pieces of skull.  Now that Eric had fired his gun I anticipated he would accelerate the pace of his game, not wanting to risk the police showing up before he had finished.

Eric popped his neck from side to side and commanded us to begin walking again. The cracks of sunlight that had been sneaking their way through the blinds were now completely gone as the night had come upon us.  I knew exactly how I was going to save Jill and me from this mess, but unless the police miraculously showed up in the next few minutes, no one else looked like they were going to survive.

“Stop walking.” Eric said calmly as the Rob Zombie song that had been playing on the iPod came to an end.  He threw the knife down at the Queen of Heart’s feet.  “Your turn ‘Queenie’…Kill Michael.”  It occurred odd to me that Eric referred to Michael by his name when I didn’t remember anyone having told him that.  The poor girl grabbed the knife and walked over to Michael.  She raised it above him as Eric went through the same count down as before.  Just when I thought she might actually do it, Michael looked up at her and she lost it.  The girl dropped the knife to the floor and another gunshot followed shortly after.

“Well, no surprise there.”  Eric quipped as he kicked the girl’s body out of the way.  “It looks like it’s come down to the blonde versus the brunette.  My money’s on you ‘Sabrina.”  I couldn’t believe he had just addressed me as the ‘teenage witch’; normally I would have come up with a witty insult in that instance, but I needed to stay focused on the whole life or death situation in front of me.

Eric instructed us to once again start walking in the circle.  He grabbed his hand-held camera and shoved it in both Jill’s and my faces for close-ups.  I continued to look forward and acted as though nothing that had just transpired had fazed me.  After a couple more minutes Eric appeared bored and I knew the moment of truth was about to come.

Eric looked up at the ceiling for a split second, rolled his eyes and head forward and then looked straight at Jill. “Stop.” He said with a twisted splendor.  “What do you think blondie; can you do it?”  Eric placed the knife directly in Jill’s hand, the gun in his other hand pointed straight at her skull.  “Countdown begins…now!”

Jill held the knife loosely in her hand and looked at me with tears in her eyes.  Anytime she had ever faced adversity in her life she looked to me, and I was always there for her.  We had been best friends since we were six years old and no one was ever going to take her away from me.  I nodded my head up and down and mouthed the words “you have to” to her.

Jill looked into Michael’s eyes and he nodded his head in agreement that she had to kill him.  Eric’s eyes widened as Jill took the knife, her tears now raining down her face, and stabbed Michael in the heart.  The life in Michael’s eyes vanished quickly.  Jill stepped away from his body and fell to her knees sobbing.

“Ladies and gentleman the girl’s got a will to live after all!”  Eric cheered gleefully into the camera.  He walked over to Michael’s body, untied it, and cast it to the side with the knife still in it.

“And now it’s time for the climax of our show.” Eric said in true game-show host form.  He placed the gun in his waist band again and while holding the camera in his left hand, attempted to force Jill up from her knees with his right hand. “It’s your turn in the chair sweetie.” He exclaimed, as he struggled to get Jill up and into the chair.

With Eric preoccupied with Jill, my window of opportunity had come.  I quickly grabbed the knife out of Michael’s carcass and drove it through Eric’s spine so fiercely that the end of the knife burst through Eric’s rib cage.  Sadistic as it might sound, I wished I could have seen the bastard’s look of shock at that moment.  Before he could turn around, I grabbed the gun from his waist and unloaded several bullets into his chest and skull.  His lifeless body fell to the floor like a sack of putrid meat.

I immediately went to Jill and held her as she broke down in my arms.  We had survived.

After the drama of the endless police questions and the news cameras faded, we went to my house.  Jill was planning to sleep over anyway that night since her parents were out of town and there was no way she could be left alone.  Throughout the night Jill woke up screaming every hour, and every time I was right there to comfort her and help her get back to sleep.  Over time the nightmares would fade, as would the memory of Michael.

I wished I could tell her the ugly truth about Michael; how he had raped me our freshman year and that he had deserved to die; but in the end I decided it was a story that was better left untold.  After all, Jill wouldn’t understand.  Obviously, Eric never understood either since he went along with my whole ‘horror game show’ idea thinking it would be him that ended up with me instead of Jill.  He could never have guessed though that it was Jill that I loved.  And now no one would ever come between us again.

Vince Dawson: “The Island”

Vince Dawson - The Island

My name is Vince Dawson.  The year is 7518 and the universe has remained in a state of relative peace since the combined forces of the Alliance defeated the Krion Empire a decade ago.  While the Alliance won the war, we were not successful in capturing all of the enemy survivors.  Now, the remaining pieces of the Krion Empire lurk in the dark spaces of uncharted galaxies, waiting for the opportune time to once again plunge the free world into a state of chaos and destruction.   These days I am no longer an airstrike commander, but instead a hired gun and bounty hunter who travels the lesser known parts of the universe.  My most recent assignment has left me in a precarious situation on the planet Venus21…

“Honestly guys, I had no idea that the Admiral’s daughter was spoken for.”  I said as I tried to reason with the handful of guards that were accompanying me on our short ride from the Port of Helen to what the locals here simply called “the island”.  Evidently, it wasn’t enough to deny me the reward I was owed after I had rescued Admiral Nupon’s daughter from the Dugg pirate ship.  Now, the Admiral insisted that I be condemned to “the island” where he was certain I would meet my death; all because his daughter, Kaliss couldn’t keep her hands off me on our way back to Venus21.  Not that I had minded her being all over me; the Princess Kaliss was truly a knockout.  I just wished she hadn’t told her father that she no longer wished to marry the guy she was betrothed to because she had fallen in love with me.

I turned to the guard on my left as we continued towards the island on a small hovercraft.  “So, uh, what kind of survival gear you gonna hook me up with?”  I asked him sarcastically.  He was short, maybe 5’8 in his boots, and judging by his youthful appearance I guessed he was fairly inexperienced.  He looked rather nervous as he struggled within himself not to turn my direction.

“I’m a little sensitive to the cold so would you mind packing me an extra blanket?”  I gave him a big toothy grin, but still nothing.  Even with the restraints around my wrists and ankles, I figured I could have easily wrestled his gun away and taken out the rest of the guards.  However, I was concerned that I’d have to kill most of them in the process which would have gotten me into even hotter water with Admiral Nupon.  Instead, I decided to just face the island for the next 48 hours, swim back to the port and hope that the Admiral was too focused on his daughter’s wedding to notice my stealing my space ship back.

The hovercraft stopped several hundred feet short of the island’s shore and I could feel my restraints being removed by one of the guards behind me.  “If you guys wouldn’t mind, could you drop me off a little closer to the beach?  I’m a little worn out after having been with the Princess for all those days.  I know she’s the Admiral’s daughter and that she probably hasn’t been with a lot of guys, but you’d be surprised on how many times she wanted to…”

A surprisingly powerful shove sent me flying off the hovercraft and into the sea below.  The water was extremely warm, like the tropical oceans that I enjoyed during my childhood when we would visit my father’s family on Earth.  My father came from a long lineage of royalty though he seldom ever spoke of them after we left the solar system.  I was a teenager when the Krions first started terrorizing the weaker planets, and my father had to relocate us constantly as he was promoted through the ranks of the still forming Alliance.  I shook my head as my trip down memory lane ended and quickly swam to shore before the local sea creatures discovered my presence.

Looking above at the two suns in the clear, pinkish-blue sky, I considered taking a long deserved nap under one of the palm trees.  My skin was naturally on the darker side thanks to my father’s side of the family tree, but the ladies seemed to really go crazy when I had a nice tan.  Despite the vacation-like scene though, I knew I couldn’t just lie out in the open with no shelter or defensible position; especially considering I didn’t have any idea what I was up against on the island.  About thirty feet from the shoreline, the sandy beach turned into a dense jungle from which a rather large volcano emerged several miles within.  I began my journey into the thick, green foliage in hopes of finding both fresh drinking water and a place I could disappear into for the next 48 hours.

After about two hours of hiking I had made it to the base of the volcano.  There was a modestly sized lagoon with a stream running into it and a small, shallow cave that appeared to be uninhibited.  “Perfect” I said to myself as I went about fortifying my surroundings with a few traps around the perimeter.  I was also able to find a sharp enough rock to use for carving out a couple of spears from fallen tree branches.  The guards had taken just about everything useful out of my flight vest save a few protein bars, some matches and four condoms.  I was pretty sure the condoms weren’t going to be of any use on the island, but I suppose a guy never knows.

Just as I had finished my second spear I heard something approaching towards the stream.  I quickly retreated behind a boulder that stood a few feet from the entrance to the cave.  Whatever it was that approached was intelligent enough to avoid the traps I had set.  About a minute had passed when I saw a figure rush past my hiding spot and into the cave.  It was a woman!

“Hello.”  I said, doing my best to keep my voice from echoing too loudly.  The lagoon was partially surrounded by the side of the volcano making for rather less-than-ideal acoustics when one was trying to avoid being found by whatever it was that inhibited the island.  I moved from behind the boulder, lowered my spear and stood directly in front of the cave so that whoever was in there could see me.  Standing 6’5 and being built like a modern day god I knew I could come off a little intimidating so I proceeded in my most charming and gentlest tone of voice.

“There’s no need to be afraid.  My name is Vince Dawson, Airstrike Commander of the 15th Regiment. (The ladies always seemed to be impressed by the title.)  I’m afraid I’m currently occupying this particular area, but I’m sure we can work something out.”

“This is my domain pirate.  Leave now!”  She said from inside the cave.  Her tone wasn’t nearly as charming as mine had been.  I was tempted to go into the cave and bring her out myself, but I thought I’d give her another chance.

“I’m sorry, but I saw no evidence that this cave was being used by anyone.  Listen, I’m only here on the island for a couple of days so why don’t you just come out of the cave and we’ll talk this over.”  There was a long pause of silence and then a very young woman, barely in her 20’s emerged from the cave.  She had long brown hair that appeared it hadn’t been washed in days and eyes so green they matched the surrounding foliage.  She also had a rather nice form that I probably took a little too much time to admire.

“See anything you like pirate?”  She asked in a tone that I was smart enough to realize wasn’t sincere.  She lunged towards me with a dagger in her right hand and I quickly disarmed her.  She struggled as I held her against my chest with my powerful arms.  “Let me go you bastard!” She screamed.  I released her from my grip having taken her knife, and she turned towards me with fire in her eyes.  “Leave now pirate or I will kill you!”

“Listen honey,” the charm in my tone was gone. “I can appreciate that you don’t trust me and that it’s probably been a little scary for you on this island all alone.  However, I’m not you’re enemy and I’m not a damn pirate. I was just doing a job for the Admiral when I got detoured and ended up here.”  There was a pause in the conversation and I could tell by the way she was looking at me that she was trying to decide if she could trust me.

“Admiral Nupon?”  She responded.  “That makes sense why you’re on the island then.  The Admiral doesn’t like pirates cutting in on his business and he certainly doesn’t care for morons.” I was about to object to her insulting my intelligence, but she cut me off before I could speak.  “We’re not alone you idiot!”  She said as the she brushed a lock of hair from her eyes.  “Ogres roam this island.”

“Ogres?”  I asked, somewhat in disbelief.  I knew very little about Venus21, but my understanding was outside of a few spectacular beasts that roamed the oceans the planet was void of larger life forms.  The girl headed towards the lagoon, placed her cupped hands into the water and drank.  She was wearing a camouflage top and grey cargo pants that complimented her athletic build.  “What do these ogres look like?”  I asked.

“They’re green, ugly and about twice the size of you.”  She continued in between drinks.  “We call them the Hidoki and they are the original inhabitants of Venus21.  Humans murdered the majority of their race centuries ago when the planet was first “pioneered”.  What’s left of their race lives here on the island and the Admiral fancies them as his personal executioners.  Their intelligence is minimal, but they know the island’s terrain, they’re incredibly strong and they like to eat humans.  Of course, the pirates that are sent to this island deserve such a fate.”

“I’ve already told you, I’m not a pirate.”  I responded, quite annoyed with her repeated accusation.  Being called a pirate was just about the worst insult one could receive seeing as to how they had well deserved reputations for being rapists and murderers.  In an attempt to clear my name, I proceeded to tell the girl about my mission to save the princess and how it all was a misunderstanding between myself and the Admiral.  I then asked what her name was and why she was here on the island.

“Myra. My name is Myra, Mr. Dawson, and my being on the island isn’t a result of my choosing the wrong fuck buddy.  My parents were both banished to this island as a result of their opposing the Admiral’s reign.  The Alliance may have won the war against the Krions, but in the process they made deals with hundreds of corrupt warlords in exchange for military support.  I am on this island to rescue my parents and get them back to the mainland.”  As Myra spoke I knew of the “deals” she referred to.  The Alliance was formed out of necessity, not out of principle, and in order to amass the kind of army that could take out the Krions some arrangements and political appointments had to be given to less-than admirable individuals.

I had just asked Myra about her plans as to how she was going to escape the island when I heard the sound of several heavy steps approaching us.  “We’ve been speaking too loudly.”  Myra said as she jumped to her feet.  She began running in the opposite direction of the footsteps, but it turned out the Hidoki had already surrounded the entire clearing.  I quickly scaled up the side of the volcano under the cover of a few boulders and watched as the giant beasts scooped Myra up and placed her in a large vine sack.  There were too many of them for me to attempt a rescue so instead I followed them as they made their way through the jungle and back to their village.

Both suns had set by the time we had reached the Hidoki’s village on the other side of the volcano.  There were three moons that orbited around Venus21, but all were shining at a minimum tonight, making for poor visibility.  Rather than risking a botched rescue attempt in the darkness, I decided to remain in the protected rock formations above the village and wait until the first sun to make my next move.

The night had only lasted a few hours before the first sun peeked above the horizon with a magnificent display of orange and purple.  I looked below in hopes that none of the giants would be awake yet, but I was sorely disappointed.  There were already about 50-60 of the green, hairless beasts roaming about the village and unfortunately, Myra was being kept in a pit smack dab in the middle of everything.  The beasts wore no clothes and spoke in a language that was primarily comprised of grunts and groans.  They also had an extra eye in the back of their skulls which made sneaking up on them a rather unlikely scenario.

I searched my surroundings and discovered a large boulder several hundred feet above the Hidoki’s village wall that appeared to be unstable.  I made my way over to the boulder and pushed on it until I jarred it loose.  The boulder went flying down the side of the volcano heading towards the village.  I wasn’t actually counting on the other 20 boulders to follow, but thankfully I was able to jump out of the way before the landslide overtook me.  The Hidoki went into a state of panic as boulder after boulder crashed down upon their village and took out almost half of their outer wall.  All but one of them rushed to the village’s perimeter to investigate the chaos, leaving one solo guard between myself and Myra.

The giant stood at about nine feet tall and was armed with a crudely made spear.  As I made my way towards the pit I picked up a small stone, about the size of a baseball, and hurled it at the giant’s eye on the back of his head.  He screamed out in agony and turned to face me.  I dodged two swings of his spear, but could not avoid his left fist striking my chest which sent me flying back several feet.  The giant stood over me while I was laid out on the ground and raised his spear to skewer me like a human shish-kabob.  I rolled over at the last second, making the giant miss me as he plunged the spear into the dirt.  While he was bent over trying to free his spear from the hardened clay, I quickly swung myself over his shoulders and slit his throat with the knife that I had obtained from Myra.  The giant fell to the ground dead, oozing a purplish liquid from his neck.

I got off the beast and walked over to the pit where Myra was being kept.  “I think your boyfriend underestimated me.”  I teased as I cut through the thick green vines that covered the top of the pit.  There was a pungent smell of death and urine coming from below and I imagined that Myra was probably not to happy that she had just spent the night marinating in it.  As I helped Myra out of the pit I looked down to see if there were any other prisoners, but all I saw were the skeletal remains of humans.

“Thanks” was all that Myra could muster as we escaped from the Hidoki village.  Evidently it had been quite a blow to her ego needing to be rescued by the likes of me.  We forged through the jungle at a rapid pace; following a non-existent path that I was quite certain wasn’t taking us in the right direction.  It appeared that Myra was almost trying to out run me as she progressively built up to a full out sprint through the jungle’s thick foliage.

“Uh, you want to slow down a little.”  I said, trying not to yell too loudly in anticipation that the Hidoki had probably figured out that Myra escaped by now.  She was now out of sight, though I could hear her crashing about the bushes in front of me.  “Hey Myra, I don’t think you’re heading in the right…”  Before I could even finish my sentence I had been whisked up into a large net about twenty feet from the ground.  I couldn’t believe I had allowed myself to fall into a trap.  I went to grab the knife from my vest, but it was no longer there.

“Looking for this?”  Myra asked as she looked up at me and held the knife in the air.  “Yeah, I couldn’t have you escaping or they might still try to track me.”  Evidently, Myra must have taken the knife while I was reaching down to pull her from the pit.  “See you around pirate.”  She said as she ran off into the jungle leaving me hanging from a tree.  Fortunately, I still had the sharp rock in my pocket from the day before.  I was able to cut through the net in a matter of minutes and swung from its remains to the base of the tree.

I quickly scaled down the tree and hit the ground running.  Part of me wanted to follow Myra, but she was clearly more trouble than she was worth and I needed to focus on finding shelter and getting some rest before my swim back to the port.  I made it to the island’s shoreline by mid-day and this time I decided it was better to just build a make shift tent and take my chances in the open.  I had taken great care in covering my tracks so that the Hidoki wouldn’t be able to find me.  Besides, I was quite sure they were more interested in getting Myra back than to try and track the scent of another human they hadn’t even seen.

For a fleeting second the thought entered my mind that my own daughter would have been close to Myra’s age if she were still alive.  Mariana had only just turned eleven when her life ended, but I liked to think that she would have been just as strong as someone like Myra had she lived.  It wasn’t often that I allowed myself to think about such things, but the calming sound of the ocean and the tranquil scene of the low rolling tides brought a peace of mind that I seldom experienced.  I spent the rest of daylight building a small tent and took to slumber at the setting of the first sun.

The next day came with the first sun filling the sky with an impressive array of orange and blue shades.  I looked in the direction of Port Helen and sighed as I considered the swim ahead.  Never mind the fact that I wasn’t the strongest of swimmers, I also had no idea what kind of sea life would be trying to have me for breakfast on the way.

As I removed my boots and vest I saw what appeared to be a projectile with a white tail heading for the main land.  Suddenly there was a tremendous explosion and a large cloud of gray smoke formed above the port.  The sky seemed to part ways as a large battleship and several smaller fighter craft rained heavy laser fire upon Admiral Nupon’s city.  At first I thought it might be a Dugg retaliation, but then I saw the battleship come into full view.  It was the Krions.

Tales of Terror: “My Captor”

My Captor

The sliver of light that peeked through the open space above the blacked out window began to fade.  Darkness was coming and soon I expected my captor would be visiting my cell again.  There was no clock in the room I was being held in, but my guess was she came to me around midnight every night.  In fact, on the occasional evening, the faint light would re-appear when the moon was out and the sky was clear.  Those seemed to be the nights that she was most eager to see me.

I hadn’t been outside for several weeks, but I still often pictured what the sun and the night’s sky looked like this time of the year.  It was true that it rained a lot in Portland, but the summers were an exception, providing plenty of warm, beautiful days.  I had only just started enjoying the season’s turn when I was abducted that late night in June at some club downtown.

There were plenty of beautiful women I ran into that evening, so one of them could have easily been my captor or “Angel” as she liked me to refer to her as.  I’ve never actually seen Angel’s face as she always has it hidden behind a white mask, but perhaps if she took it off I’d recognize her…or not.  That night is still such a blur in my mind, mostly due to the amount of alcohol I had consumed as well as whatever drug Angel had slipped into my drink.

Tears started welling up in my eyes as I began to acknowledge, once again, that I would most likely never make it out of this basement alive.  I was only 22 years old.  My life hadn’t amounted to much, but I had really turned things around this last year.  I was now attending Portland State University after finally finishing up a long stint in community college, and I had even gotten an externship working at one of the local advertising agencies.  For the first time that I can ever remember in my life, my parents had told me they were proud of me.

Thank God my parents couldn’t see me right now; naked and chained to a metal support beam in the middle of a basement.  There was a toilet in one corner and a shower in the other.  I had been given very little to eat or drink, but at least there was enough slack in my chains to move around some.  Occasionally I would talk to myself since I had basically no human interaction.  Angel rarely came down during the day, and when she did it was just to feed or shave me.  I’m pretty sure she had only spoken about a dozen words since my time there.  Of course, she visited me every night too, but that was for a much different purpose; no talking was allowed or I would be punished.

Dinner time was here as I could hear Angel unlocking the door.  She walked into the room wearing the usual white mask, gloves and black cloak that covered her entire body.  Angel had a candle in her right hand and a paper plate in her left.  On the plate were a few strawberries, carrots and what appeared to be a small serving of chicken.  I was only fed twice a day so it was no wonder that I had probably lost a good 15 pounds since becoming her slave.

“Hi” I said to her, desperate for any kind of acknowledgement.  She said nothing back and left me in the darkness as soon as she had placed the food down on the cement.  I ate slowly, trying to savor every morsel.  I had barely finished my meal when suddenly the room began to spin and I passed out on the floor.

I could hear whispering as I began to regain consciousness from my unexpected slumber.  I recognized the feeling of my throbbing headache and intense muscle weakness as the same one I had the first night that I was abducted.  Angel had obviously drugged me again.  My vision was somewhat blurred after I opened my eyes, but I could still make out the shadows of several forms.  They were all covered in black cloaks and wore white masks, just like Angel.  I counted twelve of them as they stood in a large circle around me, each one holding a candle.

I realized now I was standing against the metal beam in the middle of the room thanks to several chains that had been used to keep my body upright while I was passed out.  The temperature in the room was unusually warm, almost like a sauna.  I tried to raise my arms enough that I could wipe the sweat from my forehead, but the chains had no slack in them.  I continued to look around in my dazed state, when I noticed Angel walk in.  More whispering from the others in the room ensued.

“My fellow sisters,” Angel addressed the group.  “The seed of our fellow brother that stands before you has fulfilled its purpose.  I have a new soul now growing within my body.”  Angel paused as the rest of the group seemed quite pleased with the news.  The incense from the candles was beginning to fill the room with a burnt flower type smell.  “Tonight,” she continued, “we shall celebrate the spirit of our Mother Goddess as one life is sacrificed so that a new one may flourish.”

As Angel spoke I could feel myself becoming scared.  Not the kind of sheer terror that one would experience if some guy wearing a hockey mask were chasing them with a chainsaw.  Rather, it was more like a calm, sickening combination of helplessness and inevitable doom.  Angel walked towards me, removing her gloves as she approached, and stared into my eyes through her white mask.  Just as when she had come to my room every night, I felt a coldness radiating from her that sent shivers down my spine.  You would think that being forced to have sex with a woman whose body was pretty much perfect would be every young man’s fantasy.  However, there was never any warmth or love present in our “sessions”.  Instead, it was mechanical and left me feeling empty inside every time.

“Please…”  I began to say, but Angel lifted her right index finger and placed it on my lips to silence me.  She then looked around the room and nodded her head.  At that moment, every figure in the room placed their candles on the floor in a tight circle around me.  The smoke from the candles lifted up around me, their scent creeping into my nostrils and making my dizziness even worse.  Each of the cloaked figures then returned to their previous spot and removed their clothing and masks.  They were all women.  I began searching each of their faces, but only received a cold, impersonal look when my eyes met theirs.

My eyes had only made it about half way around their circle when Angel, still standing in front of me, proceeded to remove her cloak and, for the first time, her mask.  The breath from my lungs escaped me in my shock.  It was Angela, my sister’s best friend that stood before me.  Angela was gorgeous, with long blonde hair, green, cat-like eyes and full, pouty lips.  I had always had a crush on her during my adolescent years, though given the current circumstances, I was more inclined to hate her and wish her dead at this particular moment.

I now knew exactly where I was.  Angela owned a home in the suburbs of Portland where I had once attended a birthday party at.  I didn’t remember seeing Angela at the club on the night I was abducted, but I suppose it could have been any of the other women in the room that had actually drugged me.  I swung my head to the left to finish my scan of the other women’s faces in the circle and I couldn’t believe what I saw.  In the far left corner of the room was my sister, Veronica!

Thoughts rushed into my head faster than I could process and I began to feel extremely nauseous, though I was too weak to vomit.  Not only had I been molested and essentially raped by Angela, but my own sister was also apparently involved as well.  I continued to stretch my neck over my left shoulder and tried to make eye contact with my sister.  “Veronica, what the fuck are you doing?”  I yelled at her.  Given recent events, I probably should have shown better judgment with the choice of tone in my voice, but I was beyond pissed off and terrified.  What was my sister doing in some sadistic cult that practiced man-hating “bitchcraft”.

Veronica showed no emotion as she looked back at me.  Angela then touched my face with her hand and brought my eyes back in line with hers.  “It is time, brother, for you to give your light to a higher cause.”  I had no idea what she was referring to as she grabbed a large, gray ceramic bowl and placed it at my feet.  “My sisters, we shall now drink the life force of this soul so that our circle might gain its power and pass it on to the new spirit that grows within me.”  With that Angela revealed a sizeable dagger with weird symbols on it and placed the blade on a region of my body that I’d always felt should never have anything sharp next to it.

“No Angela No!”  I half screamed, half cried, but it was too late.  She removed from my body what she had used so frequently during my imprisonment, and now blood streamed down my legs and into the bowl.  It only took a couple of minutes before she removed the bowl from below my feet and drank the blood from it.  Angela then handed it off to the other women in the circle as they drank from it too.  My will to live vanished.

Veronica and I had such a normal life growing up.  My parents had always been so good to “V” and me.  What happened to her?  I tried to make some kind of sense of what was going on, but the loss of blood was too great for me to overcome.  As the bowl made its way around the room I realized I did not want to see my own sister drink from it.  I closed my eyes and after only a few seconds longer, I felt my soul drift away.

Where’s My Daddy?

Where's My Daddy

Verse I 

Last night I couldn’t sleep at all,

The monsters in my closet made to much noise.

You know Mommy does a lot of things well,

but monsters in the closet need a Daddy to scare them away;

Why did you go away?

Chorus I

Where’s my Daddy?  Where’s my lullaby? 

Where’s my bedtime story & my kiss goodnight?

There’s my Mommy; lookin’ back at me;

Says you’re never comin’ back, oh’ how can that be?

She sheds a tear each time I ask: ”Where’s my Daddy?”

Verse II

The last time that I saw your face,

I was barely five years old do you remember that day?

We were laughin’ & wrestlin’ on the couch,

You told me that you loved me & that I was your little man;

Why can’t I still be your little man?

Chorus II 

Where’s my Daddy?  To tuck me in at night? 

You know you’re the only one who ever did it right.

Why does Mommy never say your name?

I can’t help but think that maybe I’m the one to blame?

She still cries every time I ask: ”Where’s my Daddy?”


And the years they keep on passin’;

After time I finally stopped askin’;

Even though deep down I still want to know.


Where’s my Daddy?  Where’s my lullaby? 

Where’s my bedtime story & my kiss goodnight?

There’s my Mommy; lookin’ back at me;

Says you’re never comin’ back, oh’ how can that be?

She still sheds a tear each time I ask: ”Where’s my Daddy?”

Oh you know she cries each time I ask…

“Where’s My Daddy?”

When Heroes Fall

When Heroes Fall

Verse I

My Grandpa was the man who taught me right from wrong

How to treat a woman, and what our flag stood for

The day we laid him in the ground ‘neath the old oak tree

My Daddy stood there by my side and he said to me


When heroes fall, it’s okay to cry

It’s all right to show the hurt you feel inside, when someone you love dies

Time marches on, no sorrow lasts too long

For when a life leaves this place, a new one comes, to take on the next race

In the light of change we all learn to stand tall

And so the world goes on when heroes fall

Verse II

My best friend Ty was only thirty-five when he was told

He only had a few more months, he never would grow old

I worried ‘bout his wife and kids and then thought of my own

And my Daddy’s words returned to mind from long ago


When heroes fall, it’s okay to cry

It’s all right to show the hurt you feel inside, when someone you love dies

Time marches on, no sorrow lasts too long

For when a life leaves this place, a new one comes, to take on the next race

In the light of change we all learn to stand tall

And so the world goes on when heroes fall

Verse III

I never got the chance to tell my sons goodbye

But their momma’s hand was holding mine the night I died

I wrote the words down that my Daddy shared with me

And I asked her to pass them on so they could see


When heroes fall, it’s okay to cry

It’s all right to show the hurt you feel inside, when someone you love dies

Time marches on, no sorrow lasts too long

For when a life leaves this place, a new one comes, to take on the next race

In the light of change we all learn to stand tall

And so the world goes on when heroes fall

Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels

Verse I

Woke up this mornin’ listenin’ to the radio

DJ playin’ somethin’ started movin’ my soul

My body got to shakin’ I was losin’ control

I can’t believe I’m sayin’ this I think I’m in love

Chorus I

I got a smile on my face, that no bad day can erase,

And I even stop to smell the flowers

You got me thinkin’ more and more,

That I know what lips are for,

When you kiss on me for hours and hours

Yeah my heart it’s a racin’, and my body keeps tracin’,

Over every little thing you do

Think it’s time I admit, there ain’t no denyin’ it,

I’m fallin’ head over heels over you 

Verse II

Took you to dinner on a Saturday night

But you wasn’t really hungry so we headed for the lights

Of a neon-flashin’, honkey tonkin’ hell of a time

That damned ol’ love bug bit me now I want you to be mine

Chorus II

Well, I’m wishin’ on the stars,

Read about us men from Mars,

And I threw away my little black book

Yeah I’m puttin’ down the seat,

And I’m keepin’ my car neat,

And I’ve even started learnin’ how to cook

Well I know this might sound crazy,

But your friends don’t even phase me,

When they laugh at me like I’m no good

It’s time I roll the dice,

I might even tell you twice,

I’m fallin’ head over heels over you

Blue Eyed Rodeo Girl

Blue Eyed Rodeo Girl

Verse I

Who needs this, who needs that

Tight blue jeans and a cowgirl hat

Lookin’ good, Lookin’ fine

Wonder what’d take to make her mine all mine

She’s hot, she’s on fire

She’s cool, she’s my heart’s desire

She’s the black boot wearin’, got the guys all starin’

Blue-eyed Rodeo Girl

Bridge I

Dancin’ with a half-a-dozen redneck boys

Never gonna’ catch her cause’ she grooves to the noise

Of a steel guitar, the base and the drums

She’s makin’ her move and she’s throwin’ it down

Verse II

Cowboy up, or move to the side

She’s out lookin’ for a hell of a ride

On a fast train either side of the tracks

She’s past 8 seconds and there’s no turnin’ back

She’s rough, and hella’ tough

She’s mean, a mustang queen

She’s the black boot wearin’, got the guys all starin’

Blue-eyed Rodeo Girl

Bridge II

Tried to get a dance with her but had no luck

I got into a fight and hit a guy named Chuck

She grabbed me by the arm and said I like your style

How ‘bout you try and brawl with me for a while

Verse III

Who needs this, who needs that

It was quite apparent that I’d met my match

And now I’m lovin’ her good, she’s lovin’ me fine

Never would have guessed that we were two of a kind

When I’m hot, she’s hotter

When I’m cool, she’s cold as ice

She’s my black boot wearin’, got me stone cold starin’

Blue-eyed Rodeo Girl



Verse I

Oh’ you said that you wanted me to hold you

Like no other woman I had held before

And you asked me to tell you that I love you

More than any other love I’d had before

Oh’ you wanted the moon

Served on a silver spoon

And I would have given that to you and more


But my heart ain’t in it, now that I know the score

You played me for a fool and what’s more

I gave a penny for your thoughts

And I think I paid too much

Don’t bother callin’, Cause I ain’t fallin’



No I ain’t fallin’ anymore

Won’t be walkin’ through your door

No more lies, no more cheatin’

This broken heart ain’t worth repeatin’

Verse II

And now you say that you want me to come back

You tell me how you’ve changed your hurtful ways

But I ain’t ready to turn my heart over

To a woman who only brings me pain

Oh’ you ask me for me love

Tell me I’m who you’re thinkin’ of

And for a moment I almost play along


But my heart ain’t in it, now that I know the score

You played me for a fool and what’s more

I gave a penny for your thoughts

Now I know I paid too much

Don’t bother callin’, Cause I ain’t fallin’


That’s All Right

That's All Right

Verse I

Called you up to say goodbye

You broke down and started to cry

But we both knew this day was bound to come

I’m still lookin’ and I’m still searchin’

Love keeps teachin’ and I keep learnin’

I never meant to break that heart of yours


I’m just tryin’ to live my life

One day at a time

I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow

And that’s all right

Verse II

So let’s both agree to disagree

Let the love we shared become a memory

I’m sorry that it had to end this way

I don’t expect you to understand

Why I live my life like a hurricane

Not knowin’ where each day will lead me to


I’m just tryin’ to live my life

One day at a time

I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow

And that’s all right

Verse III

Some people say that I’m just crazy

Say I better slow down, but it don’t phase me

I’d rather run ahead than walk behind

So again I’ll jump on my favorite ride

That roller coaster I call life

You can join me if you’ve got the will to fly


I’m just tryin’ to live my life

One day at a time

I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow

And that’s all right

Yeah, I’m just tryin’ to live my life

One day at a time

I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow

And that’s all right!

Pray it Ain’t Tonight

Pray it Ain't Tonight

Verse I

I knew that she’d been distant lately 

And that her world was caving in

Fading fast was the joy in her smile

Her emotions were held within

I wanted to be her man

Help her weather the storm

But it became apparent that

She was doing this on her own


And she’s almost left

Yes she’s almost gone

She’s leaving me

She’s made up her mind

And I don’t know when

And I don’t know why

‘Cause I still love her

 And I would do anything

 You see, she means everything to me

 And I know it’s soon to come

 I just pray it ain’t tonight

Verse II

I loved her with all my heart

But I guess that wasn’t enough

She had the lost the love in her eyes

The passion in her touch

They say that time will heal

And that broken hearts will mend

But what do you do after you face the truth

That you’ve lost your greatest friend


And she’s almost left

Yes she’s almost gone

And it’s killing me

And I can’t help but cry

And I swear

That I still love her

And I wish she’d stay

To love just one more day

But I fear, there’s no more that I can do

She’s made up her mind to go

I just pray it ain’t tonight

Yes I know

She’s going to leave me soon

I just pray it ain’t tonight

The Storm

The Storm

Verse I

Shut the door and yelled at you

In a voice that wasn’t mine

You sat there cryin’ in the car

As we pulled out of the drive

You were right to say those words

I should have listened to

Cause’ if I’d handed over those keys

I’d never have lost you


When the rage in the wind

Knocked me down to the ground

When the thunder broke the peace in my heart

When all was said and done

And I realized you were gone

The storm carried on

Verse II

Fought the pain most every day

With a bottle and a gun

Spent my time huddled in the dark

Tryin’ to choose which one

Till’ one night the lightning crashed

And a flame was lit within

Devil got the best of me

As I chose my bitter end


When the rage in the wind

Knocked me down to the ground

When the thunder broke the peace in my heart

When all was said and done

And I realized you were gone

The storm carried on

Yeah in the end it was the storm that won

If I Tell You

If I Tell You

Verse I

If I gave you a single white rose

Would it be enough, to make you smile

And if I sang to you a sappy old love song

Would you look at me, with affection in your eyes

Oh’ would it be alright if tonight I held you

And told you all the things I’ve been wanting to say

The question still remains if you feel the way I do

If I tell you I love you

Will you say “I love you too” 

Verse II

If I gave you the key to my heart

Would it be enough, to keep you by my side

And if I made a mistake or two along the way

Would you still look at me, with kindness in your eyes

Oh’ would it be alright if all I did in this life

Was be the man and lover that your heart desires

I’m caught up in a fantasy I’m prayin’ will come true

And if I tell you I love you

Will you say “I love you too” 


Someday I’ll come to you on bended knee

Hopin’ you’ll say “yes” to a diamond ring

But right now my whole life is hanging on a string

Wonderin’ if you’ll say those three words back to me

Verse III

If I gave you my soul to keep

Would it be enough, for all eternity

And if I swore to you my honor and my life

Would you look at me, with devotion in your eyes

Oh’ would it be alright if finally I looked at you

The way a man looks at a woman when love is true

No longer holdin’ back these feelings, my courage has burned through

So when I tell you I love you

Will you say “I love you too” 

Yeah’ when I tell you I love you

Will you say “I love you too” 



Hold me gently, and yet, not so gently that I become bored;

Make me feel safe, though do not deny me on occasion, danger;

Allow me my freedom, but do not become blind;

Engage me in real love and still fulfill my fantasies;

Look upon me with halo, yet accept me with faults;

I am woman, I am love, I am complicated…Trust.

Permit me to carry you, though do not forget how to stand;

Count on me as your protector, but do not need protecting;

Allow me my freedom, but do not become disinterested;

Love me for what I can become, and still, love me for me;

Look upon me as your hero, yet accept my inadequacies;

I am man, I am strength, I am complicated…Trust.

The Morning After

The Morning After

Where is thy “Romeo” who lay next to me last night,

Who promised me romance, the stars, and the sky?

Who looked into my eyes as Adam did to Eve,

And whispered into my ear the words “I Love Thee”.

“Together forever” he said, or something like that,

So why has he left like a shameless stray cat?

Did he get what he wanted, was I simply a prize,

To be won and discarded into a closet full of lies?

This is not the first time, but it will be the last,

That I’m used for my body, then thrown away like trash.

I give up on love, on men, and on life,

I take to my final bath, my grief and my knife.

Is it the best solution, no, I’m sure that it’s not,

But I’m done being the woman that love hath forgot.



Now she lay me down to sleep and never shall I wake;

My soul lay forfeit to her as my naked body aches.

Pleasure will be mine for now but hers til end of time;

So shall this evil temptress strike under the blood moon sky.

Take from me that which she wants and turn my flesh to ash;

Let our lust burn as flames from hell for she shall be my last.

The Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door

I will not look at the “girl next door”…Unless I mean to do it for a lifetime

The “smart girl” you can look at all you want;

She might look at you…but she’ll be more interested in a book

The “super-model” you can look at and she’ll like it;

However, she’ll never really take much notice of you…just the mirror you stand next to

The “bad girl” you can look at and she’ll pretend she doesn’t care;

Or she might pretend she does…either way, she will only be pretending

The “shy girl” wants you to look at her;

She doesn’t know why…and she’ll never know why she looks back at you

The “girl next door” you can look at;

She’ll look back at you in the same way…if your heart is true, she’ll keep looking back for a lifetime

So if I look at the “girl next door”…I shall do so for love and nothing else.