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“Hallows End”, Sarah Chase’s debut novel and the first book of the “Prophecy Trilogy” is now available through the Amazon Kindle Store for only $2.99.  Please click here for more details. (Did you know that you can download the free Kindle Reading App for your Android phone or tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows 8 PC or tablet, BlackBerry or Windows Phone?  Learn More.)

Sarah Chase lives in a gritty world with violence, sex and, to her surprise, real-life versions of the myths and legends that we believed to have been fiction.  Her story is not one for children.  Growing up she lost both her mother and step-father, spent her early adulthood fighting on the streets as a vigilante, and by her late 20’s returned to Portland to follow in her step-father’s footsteps as a police detective.

Sarah’s world suddenly crashes through a new window of reality when she tracks down the members of a murderous cult and discovers that one of them is a genuine vampire.  Unlike so many of the books and movies that now exist, Sarah’s world isn’t painted black and white with the “good guys” on one side and the “bad guys” on the other.  Her world is gray, splashed with the crimson of blood that follows in her path as she learns more about the world that exists beneath our civilization’s greatest lies.

In her first full length novel, Sarah Chase finds herself in Hallows End, a mysterious town filled with people who aren’t what they seem.  As Sarah unveils the layer of secrets surrounding Hallows End, she learns of an ancient prophecy involving a Dark Queen and the reincarnation of a child from Atlantis.

Read Sarah Chase Origins: The Nosferatu Murders, and learn more about how Detective Sarah Chase was introduced to the world of immortals!

Preview the ” Book II: The Dark Queen” (Drafts only):

Chapter 1 – Queen of Lemuria

Chapter 2 – The Guardians

Chapter 3 – Revelations

Note from the author: “I believe this quest of mine to bring to life a strong, beautiful heroine, first started when I was about ten years old and saw the movie Barbarella.  While Jane Fonda‘s character lacked the depth that I would ultimately want to see, Barbarella was a still a welcome addition to the male heroes that dominated my world as a kid (Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Batman, etc.).  Since then, there have been some great roles for women that have come close to the ideal character I was looking for: Lara CroftCat Woman, Seline from Underworld, Alice from Resident EvilWonder Woman.  In the end however, I decided the only way to see my ideal heroine come to life was to create her myself, with the overall goal to introduce her in written stories and eventually see her emerge on to the big screen.” – Leo Craven


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