The Cemetery Swing (Song Lyrics)

The Cemetery Swing Song Lyrics

This is the fourth song / set of lyrics for my “These are a Few of My Scariest Things” album. Musical style for this one is along the lines of the Stray Cats, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

Verse I

It was Halloween night in sleepy town USA
Kids were asleep and the babysitter on her way
As soon as she arrived, My baby and I
Took to the street for a midnight drive
Rolled the top down, music loud, singing jump jive and wail

Verse II

Well it wasn’t long ‘fore we passed by the ol’ graveyard
Saw shadows grooving to the sounds of a steel guitar
We pulled off to the right, And witnessed the sight
Of a bunch of scary monsters getting down in the night
That’s when my baby turned to me and said it’s time to get a little wild

Verse III

Creature from the Black Lagoon was watching the gate
Looked us up and down and said “hey you two walk this way”
It wasn’t long, Band played a song
That got the whole crowd hopping and singing along
I pulled my baby close to me and we did the cemetery swing

Chorus I

We went swing, swing, swing
While the Wolfman jived
Elvira over in the corner
Getting down with Frankenstein
The whole place was shaking
While the band kept playing
The cemetery swing

Verse IV

Now it’s 3 AM and the party is winding down
Count’s taking a nap and the Mummy’s passed out on the ground
It was just about time, To say our goodbyes
When the Invisible man shouted “one more time”
My baby grabbed me by the arm and said let’s do the cemetery swing

Chorus II

We went swing, swing, swing
While the Bride of Frankie dipped
Bunch of zombie’s getting rowdy
In front of Dr. Jekyll’s crypt
We’re gonna keep on going
Till the sun starts showing
Spin the night away
Over empty graves
Stay on our feet
Dancing to the beat
Of the cemetery swing
The cemetery swing
The cemetery swing


You Suck the Life Out of Me (Song Lyrics)

You Suck the Life Out of Me

This is the third song (lyrics only) on my “These are a Few of My Scariest Things” album. Two more songs to go.

Verse I

You move
Swiftly in the Night
Seeking your first bite
Spreading this fright

All over me
I’m down on my knees
Begging you please
You’re such a tease

Cuz you thrill me
Tempt me
Seduce me
I can’t see straight

I’m on fire
The one thing
That you won’t give

And I can’t take it anymore I’ve gotta retreat
But you’ve got a hold of me and won’t let me leave
My body keeps on aching while you’re taking everything that you please

You suck the life right out of me

Verse II

You claim
Whatever you want
Whenever you like
I think this just might

Be the end
Of all I have known
And all that I’ll be
Baby can’t you see

That I’m dying
Lying here
With nothing left

While you devour
My every hour
The sands of time
Are flying by

And every time that I escape you pull me right back
You play the part of predator and I’m just your snack
You bind me with your magic touch and make me feel like I’m going to scream

You suck the life right out of me


Forget about the monsters that hide in the night
The scariest of all of them stays out in plain sight
She’ll cast her spell by telling you the things you want to hear
But soon enough your lust turns to fear

Verse III

Oh you steal
(Bit by bit)
Make me feel
(From tip to tip)
Like I’m your last meal
(Drip by drip)
What the hell is your deal
(Losing my grip)

Oh lady
I’m going crazy
No one can save me
From this love so deadly

So I guess I’ll just give in to your twisted fantasies
You suck the life right out of me

My Love is Your Disease (Song Lyrics)

My Love is Your Disease

This is the second song on my “These are a Few of My Scariest Things” album (in development). While I’m only posting the lyrics at this time, I hope to record the actual songs sometime in 2014 and post them on my website.

Verse I

What big eyes you have
The better to see me with
You look right through my soul
My secrets all unfold

And what a big heart you have
The better to love me with
Through all the highs and lows
You keep my passion lit


Why do you stay with me
Am I the best you can do
Are you addicted to the pain
That I always put you through

Tell me that it’s all right
You’ll stay by my side
Keep lying to me
My love is your disease
My love is your disease

Verse II

What big arms I have
The better to hold you close
Whenever you’re with me
I don’t feel so alone

And what big teeth I have
I’m sorry I hurt you dear
It wasn’t my intent
To fill your life with fear

Chorus II

Why do you stay with me
When you deserve so much more
Than all the anger that I bring
When I walk through your door

Tell me to go away
That you’ll kill me if I stay
Cut these ties so I can leave
My love is your disease
My love is your disease


And in the shadows I will bleed
Jagged tears while I’m on my knees
Staring at the moon above
Hate this monster I’ve become

Wasn’t all that long ago
You and I, we had it all
Now our story’s come to pass
Worn out pages burned to ash

Verse III

Why won’t you let me be
Give up on shattered dreams
Lost forever is the soul
Of the man you used to love

A beast is all that remains
Silver bullet to my brain
Only way to make you see
My love is your disease
My love is your disease

I Want a Little Horror (Song Lyrics)

I Want a Little Horror

“God rest her soul” says the Priest as he hands over a plain, white urn to a man in his mid 30’s.  The man returns home and places the urn in front of a shrine that features pictures of his dead wife along with several candles and ceremonious objects.  He then proceeds to perform a ritual to bring his wife back to life (think Big Bad Voodoo Daddy meets Rob Zombie)…

Verse I

What’s that I see creepin’ in the dark, Paranormal beauty pulling at my heart
Am I in danger or am in love, My knees are shaking but my head says go on
And so I
Step forward with lust in my eyes, My gaze fluctuating from your face to your thighs
I can’t help but think you’ll be the death of me, But I don’t care just take me


I want a little horror, In my life
A slice of danger you can cut with a knife
Give it to me raw
On a dark, scary night
Cause I need a little horror in my life

Verse II

I follow you here, I follow you there, You keep on disappearing leavin’ me in despair
This obsession of mine, it’s out of control, And it’s cutting me straight to the bone

Chorus – Repeat

Verse III

Last night I woke up in bed, Could have sworn something was breathing on my neck
There wasn’t a ghoul or goblin in sight, When suddenly you appeared by my side

And now I’ve got a little horror, In my life
A ghostly vixen who haunts me at night
Oh, I’ve given up my sleep, And even my soul
To get a little horror I want you to know
That I’d
Slit my wrists and let them bleed
Torch my body doused in gasoline
Hang myself off an old wood chair
Just to keep you near

Cause’ I want a little horror
I need a little horror
I’ve got to have some horror
I want a little horror in my life!

Lucifer’s Lullaby

Lucifer's Lullaby

Hush my dear and don’t say a word;

I’ve read all your thoughts, the taboo and absurd.

You’re a play thing of lust, a slave to addiction;

And I know all you seek is a fix laced with fiction.


Deny if you will, but your eyes tell it all;

When obsession takes over it’s me that you’ll call.

And I will deliver, this thing that you need;

Without judgment or guilt will I give unto thee.


And your gift will come sealed with a smile and a kiss;

In exchange for an item you won’t even miss.

After all what’s a soul when compared to the feel;

Of the pleasure you’ll get as a part of our deal.


So bring on the cure to your forbidden ache;

Let sin be the path of which you shall take.

The fruit you desire is yours if you wish;

All I need is your signature in return for such bliss.



Hold me gently, and yet, not so gently that I become bored;

Make me feel safe, though do not deny me on occasion, danger;

Allow me my freedom, but do not become blind;

Engage me in real love and still fulfill my fantasies;

Look upon me with halo, yet accept me with faults;

I am woman, I am love, I am complicated…Trust.

Permit me to carry you, though do not forget how to stand;

Count on me as your protector, but do not need protecting;

Allow me my freedom, but do not become disinterested;

Love me for what I can become, and still, love me for me;

Look upon me as your hero, yet accept my inadequacies;

I am man, I am strength, I am complicated…Trust.

The Morning After

The Morning After

Where is thy “Romeo” who lay next to me last night,

Who promised me romance, the stars, and the sky?

Who looked into my eyes as Adam did to Eve,

And whispered into my ear the words “I Love Thee”.

“Together forever” he said, or something like that,

So why has he left like a shameless stray cat?

Did he get what he wanted, was I simply a prize,

To be won and discarded into a closet full of lies?

This is not the first time, but it will be the last,

That I’m used for my body, then thrown away like trash.

I give up on love, on men, and on life,

I take to my final bath, my grief and my knife.

Is it the best solution, no, I’m sure that it’s not,

But I’m done being the woman that love hath forgot.



Now she lay me down to sleep and never shall I wake;

My soul lay forfeit to her as my naked body aches.

Pleasure will be mine for now but hers til end of time;

So shall this evil temptress strike under the blood moon sky.

Take from me that which she wants and turn my flesh to ash;

Let our lust burn as flames from hell for she shall be my last.

The Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door

I will not look at the “girl next door”…Unless I mean to do it for a lifetime

The “smart girl” you can look at all you want;

She might look at you…but she’ll be more interested in a book

The “super-model” you can look at and she’ll like it;

However, she’ll never really take much notice of you…just the mirror you stand next to

The “bad girl” you can look at and she’ll pretend she doesn’t care;

Or she might pretend she does…either way, she will only be pretending

The “shy girl” wants you to look at her;

She doesn’t know why…and she’ll never know why she looks back at you

The “girl next door” you can look at;

She’ll look back at you in the same way…if your heart is true, she’ll keep looking back for a lifetime

So if I look at the “girl next door”…I shall do so for love and nothing else.



She is innocent with love

She lives and breathes for him

There is nothing she wouldn’t do for him…

He is her world and she loves him  He is arrogant, yet charming

  He thinks nothing of what he can give her,

   only of what she can give him…

She is desperate for his love  She is his play thing and he is her King

She cries, but he does not comfort

She trusts and he takes advantage

Her heart is broken and he steps on the pieces…

He becomes bored with her silly dreams

  Her feelings are of no importance to him

  She is an object that has lost its luster

  His thoughts turn to his next conquest…

 “That son of a bitch!”

“That stupid girl.”

If he had only listened.

If she had only opened her eyes.

The deaf lay dead.  The blind become numb.



Good evening my lover, isn’t it time you unwind;

Take off that suit of yours, and have a glass of wine.

As you can see with your naked eye, I have dressed for the occasion;

All your dreams may come true tonight, with just the right amount of persuasion.

Allow me to remove that tie of yours, and other items of unwanted restriction;

Let us bathe in the heat of our bodies, and do things that others believe are only fiction.

Oh’, and one more little thing my love, is it sleep you feel the need to give into?

Alone with your neck and your pride well erect, goodnight and farewell my sweet fool.



She was a strong and beautiful woman,

Full of life, vigor, and confidence.

Yet the cruel hearts of men had tried many times to knock her down;

Men who saw her only as an object, as a thing they had to possess.

Never had a man truly taken the time to understand her,

Rarely did she have the opportunity to be true to herself.

As a young girl she knew adversity before she knew love,

As a woman she experienced hardship more often than happiness.

God had planned for her to be an angel and a goddess,

A woman who held the heavens in her eyes and pure love in her heart.

Now she spends too many of her days in a cold, dark tunnel,

Numb to the world and to the sunlight which tries to show her the way out.

She is determined to survive and so she shall, but at what cost?

She denies her feelings, suppresses her needs, and refuses to trust.

Those who are in need of it will receive her protection and her love,

But at the end of the day she finds that she has none left for herself.

She has been broken many times upon the jagged rocks of despair and betrayal,

Yet she will not languish in peril or cry upon the shoulders of shallow men.

Instead she will rise from these rocks as a Phoenix would rise from its ashes,

And she will continue to have faith even when hope has abandoned her.

Vows of Atlas

I began writing this poem in 2005 and completed it in 2006.  It is the single most important piece to me personally for it was the inspiration for the wedding vows I wrote when I married my wife, Sadeana, in 2009.

Vows of Atlas

I, Atlas, Son of God and man of Earth, ask thee Olympia, Daughter of God and woman of Earth, to be my best friend, my greatest lover, and my eternal soul mate.

As a testament of my love, I do pledge these solemn promises:

To love this woman as she desires to be loved, by day, by night, awake, asleep.

To stand behind this woman when it is her time to shine; to stand beside this woman when she needs support; to carry this woman upon my shoulders when she is void of strength.

To honor this woman with honesty, loyalty, and respect with every word I speak, every action I take, and every thought I produce both in and out of her presence.

To place this woman’s happiness, health, and well-being before my own, and to here fore dedicate my life to serving her needs and protecting her.

To build a life together with this woman; a life that is meant not to replace the individual lives we have lived and will continue to acknowledge, but rather to compliment and enhance them.

To pursue spiritual understanding of this woman; to respect her beliefs and gain insight into her soul.

To look upon no other woman with lust or entertain by thought or by action a notion of physical intimacy with another woman.

It is with these sworn promises that I request the hand of Olympia to be my wife today, tomorrow, and each day thereafter that I am blessed to be breathing and loved by her.