Short Stories

I love the concept of short stories.  Tell a story in a few thousand words or less, while still creating the same emotional ties to characters and plot lines that you would if you were writing a full-length novel.  It’s a challenge, to say the least, but an exciting one that offers a feeling of accomplishment more easily gained than the one earned after the lengthy process of completing a novel (or novella).

My short stories are broken into three themes:


Twisted Tales of Terror

Every story deserves a happy ending…or not.  This is the on-going theme that surrounds these tales of morbid horror.  Venture down this lane of demented mindscapes and be given reason to fear the night.  Plenty of these tales of macabre include the traditional likes of Vampires, Werewolves and Evil Spirits, but expect some unfamiliar beasts of terror to debut, as well as the too-often underestimated darkness within the human soul.

“My Captor” – Published March 1, 2013

“Let’s Play a Game” – Published April 28, 2013

“Allison” – Published October 5, 2014

“Don’t Look Back” – Published October 11, 2014

“Trick or Treat – A Family Tradition” – Published October 19, 2014

“Charlie” – Published October 29, 2014

“The Scary, Hairy Monster” – Published November 13, 2014

“The Rising” – Published January 28, 2015

“A Gaze to Remember” – Published April 24, 2015

“The Beakwinz” – Published May 10, 2015

“Falling” – Published January 2, 2016


The Adventures of Vince Dawson

Never has there been a man who fears less and loves more than Vince Dawson.  Dawson is an adventurous womanizer who channels the likes of Captain Kirk and Han Solo into his repertoire of self-serving heroism.  He’s a bit morally ambiguous, but his charm and underlying good-guy soul redeem him in these “guilty pleasure” sci-fi tales.

“The Island” – Published March 31, 2013

HALLOWS END (Action-Adventure / Fantasy)

Hallows End - Short Stories

The town of Hallows End is the setting for the first book of the Prophecy Trilogy starring Sarah Chase.  These short stories will offer a variety of insights into the history of Hallows End along with the on-going chronicles of the town and its most diabolical resident, Ms. Elise Cunning.

“Life isn’t fair and good doesn’t always win.  Isn’t that Fantastic!” – Elise Cunning



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  1. Hey, Leo — I wanted to thank you for liking my post on HNR. By the way — I’m kicking off my shoes. I think I like it here.

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