She is innocent with love

She lives and breathes for him

There is nothing she wouldn’t do for him…

He is her world and she loves him  He is arrogant, yet charming

  He thinks nothing of what he can give her,

   only of what she can give him…

She is desperate for his love  She is his play thing and he is her King

She cries, but he does not comfort

She trusts and he takes advantage

Her heart is broken and he steps on the pieces…

He becomes bored with her silly dreams

  Her feelings are of no importance to him

  She is an object that has lost its luster

  His thoughts turn to his next conquest…

 “That son of a bitch!”

“That stupid girl.”

If he had only listened.

If she had only opened her eyes.

The deaf lay dead.  The blind become numb.


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